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Sajith promises to look into construction workers' problems

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa on Monday said the Government should focus more attention towards solving the existing employment problems of over one million workers engaged in direct and indirect employment in the construction industry.

He expressed serious concern over the employment related grievances made by a group of National Construction Association (NCA) members about their problems.

The Opposition Leader was speaking during his meeting with NCA officials at the Opposition Leader’s office in Colombo.

During the meeting, the NCA officials told the Opposition Leader that around one million persons are engaged in direct and Indirect employment in the country’s construction field and nearly four million of their family members depend on the industry.

He said due to the country's current economic situation, they are compelled to face a number of problems which have also caused immense hardships to their dependents.

The NCA officials further said due to the existing economic crisis, the prices of raw materials including cement, sand and iron have skyrocketed bringing the construction industry to a near standstill.

He said due to this situation five million persons involved in the construction industry face untold economic difficulties. The officials made a fervent request from the Opposition Leader to intervene in this matter by discussing with the Government to find a permanent solution to their problems.

Premadasa said plans to highlight these problems in Parliament with the objective of finding a permanent solution to the problems faced by them.


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