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Fatima Ayesha’s untimely end

Police sniffer dog on the trail of Fatima Ayesha’s killer.
Police sniffer dog on the trail of Fatima Ayesha’s killer.

A visit to a shop in Atulugama, turned into a nightmare for nine- year old Fatima Ayesha, who was murdered in a violent and grizzly fashion by a twisted and warped murderer. We know that the child was sent to the nearby meat shop to purchase chicken. She was reported missing from Atulugama area in Bandaragama since Friday afternoon. CCTV footage shows that she was returning from the shop. Later the child’s body was recovered from a marshland near the house on Saturday the 28th. The marshland where the girl’s body was found is located not on the usual road from the shop to her house but on a by lane. The question is who took her over there? A suspect has been arrested and it has been reported that he has confessed to committing the crime. It appears that he is a drug addict.

Police Spokesman SSP  Nihal Thalduwa 

“The suspect, a 30- year old man, is to be produced by the courts and the investigation is now underway. On the way home from the shop, Fatima was waylaid. It is possible that the culprit tried to rape this girl, and then for whatever reason, changed his mind, perhaps realizing that he had gone too far. There is a high probability that Fatima did resist. This man is a resident of the same neighbourhood. Perhaps he would have thought that his identity would be revealed if the girl returned home. This 30- year old man is a father himself. But right now he remains a suspect,” said Police Spokesman, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Nihal Thalduwa.

Water and mud had gone into the nose, mouth and lungs of the child. According to the postmortem reports, however, the child had not been raped. Investigations are being handled by the Homicide and Organised Crime Investigation Division of the CID.

This has shocked the entire country. In a twitter message, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, while expressing his deepest sympathies to the family, has said: “I pledge to expedite swift action & justice to her family for this vicious crime.”

This is not the first time that this kind of senseless and vicious killings of young girls have taken place in the recent past. Therefore, parents have a special responsibility to see that their children are safe.

Fatima Ayesha is one of the many children in Sri Lanka who have come to a gruesome end, so early in their lives. Seya Sadewmi (September 16, 2010 – September 12, 2015), was a four-year-old Sri Lankan child who was abducted, raped and murdered. Seya died in a similar manner. Seya’s body was found near a canal just like Fatima’s body was discovered in a marshland. The shop Fatima visited was around 200 metres from her house. Ironically Seya’s body was found 200 metres away from the house. The difference between Seya and Fatima, was that Fatima was not raped. But Seya was raped viciously.

In the case of Seya, according to his confession, the suspect had carried Seya in his arms and raped her in a paddy field close to her house.

Fatima Ayesha’s body was recovered in a marshland. But both girls fought for their lives.

Even though the 9-year-old fourth-grade student of Al Gazzaly School, Fatima Ayesha was not raped, it is of little consolation to her family, who have lost this beautiful child. A family scarred and devastated.

Sivaloganathan Vithiya (November 25, 1996 – May 13, 2015) was an 18-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil schoolgirl who was gang raped and murdered on the island of Pungudutivu in Northern Sri Lanka in May 2015. All three girls suffered before dying. They were a macabre series of murders. There is no doubt about that.

The burning question is, when will this madness stop? When will the evil stop? When will this violence stop?



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