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Colombo Port functioning smoothly - SLPA Chairman

The current economic condition, street protests and the political unrest have had no negative impact towards the smooth functions of the Colombo Port assured, Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) Chairman Dr. Prasantha Jayamanna said at a special press conference yesterday. He however said that a negative picture is painted by a section of the media stating that Colombo Port is having several issues.

 “Colombo Port is predominantly a Transshipment hub with over 85% of its businesses focused in this area. Since we are the 23rd best Port in the world there is tremendous competition and business rivalry towards our Port as many regional Ports are keen to grab business from us.” “We believe that these rumours are being spread by these competitors but we want to ensure that there is no truth to say that the Colombo Port or any other Ports operations or functions have slowed down,” he assured.


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