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Chennai's Sarangi to help market Sri Lankan Batiks, Handlooms online, globally

Chennai: One of the leading design jewellery and handmade sari stores in Chennai, India with a strong globe online sales presence is opening its online sales portal to Sri Lankan entrepreneurs as well.

Founder and CEO at Rasvihar Jewellery for life and Founder and Design Director at Sarangi the Store in Chennai, Prabodh Jain said that this is not only to market a few Sri Lankan products on a short term basis. “Both our stores have a huge local and global niche market audience ranging from India, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Australia and many other countries and Sri Lankan companies who join us can get exposure to this large global sales network free of charge with no limitations on a long term basis.”

Prabodh Jain

Prabodh Jain said that with the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka the country needs more dollars to bail out from the crisis. “This is why me and my daughter Director Aditi Jain decided to open our online sales portal which is highly followed globally to Sri Lankan entrepreneurs especially in the MME and SME sectors which we observed has little potential to enter global markets.”

Armed with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Prabodh Jain recalled that he started his own company Envission in 1993 to help develop brands for a few clients and then launched Rasvihar jewellery store in Chennai and subsequently Sarangi Sari Store.”

“However with the pandemic we saw our business declining sharply and to overcome this we started investing on online sales with a multilayer packaging system ensuring the ordered products goes to the door step of the customer which was a trend setter in Chennai. This proved to be a major success and we saw a complete turnaround and we also attracted a huge foreign client base.”

One of the other successes is that we travel all over India and hand pick saris and other handmade products materials and we constantly maintain contacts with our suppliers to ensure quality is maintained at all times.

Aditi Jain

“You won’t find the Sarangi store crowded with hundreds of customers, all vying for the sari that you like so much. Or be inundated by salesmen applying pushy sales tactics, trying hard to make you buy something but we offer what the customers want,” said Director Aditi Jain.

“At Rasvihar Jewellery we’re more focused on creating jewellery for the woman who is elegant and graceful. With the success we achieved we are now looking at exporting jewellery to the US,” the duo said. “What the Sri Lankan entrepreneurs can do is send their apparel product catalogues online to us and we in turn will market them globally. We are very keen on marketing Sri Lanka batiks, handlooms and similar projects.”

“We can be contacted on [email protected] for more details.”


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