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'I earned nothing being a politician - Keheliya

Former Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that he had built his house long before coming into politics and added that there is nothing that he earned being a politician.

He said that he had initially come to Parliament in a Benz car and he will not change his lifestyle even now. But he said he says this in the humblest manner.

Joining the Adjournment Debate on the recent violence in the country he said, the 56 identified social activists had been instigating the attacks on the houses of MPs and if anyone in Parliament is trying to justify the violence that was unleashed on people, it is utterly sad and regretful. He said that even at this moment if the 225 Parliamentarians cannot unite, forget about the country.

“I did not want to talk about personal matters, but I thought I should take a minute to talk about my house, which was built before I got into politics. In 1991, I won six awards for the Best Architecture for my house. After my degree in 1976, I became the youngest film producer in 1978. I have not earned anything from politics. It took me four years to build my house, which I completed in 1990. In fact an Ambassador who visited my house said it was a museum. This situation has arisen due to jealousy and revenge. However, all details of those responsible have now come to light. Everything about the attackers has been recorded. Some are heard saying you need a map to find the rooms in my house and another is saying kill them and destroy everything. Around 16 groups have been arrested so far,” Rambukwella said.


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