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Sri Lanka receives another US$ 160mn from WB

PM says compiling report on current situation

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated in Parliament yesterday that Sri Lanka received US$ 160 million from the World Bank (WB) on Tuesday.

He said that it should be discussed whether it is possible to purchase fuel with that money.

The Prime Minister added that a World Bank delegation had arrived in the island and he was he would be meeting them yesterday.

MP Dr.Harsha de Silva pointed out that today Sri Lanka is in a state of severe bankruptcy.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said, “Fuel cannot be purchased with the $160 million we received from the World Bank. However, we are looking into it to see if we can get them to allow us to use it for fuel. Further, everyone talks about all these issues, but no one askes or talks about the three-wheeler drivers. They are unable to operate their three wheelers to make a living without fuel. We must look into their needs to and find ways to help them.”

The Prime Minister also said that currently Sri Lanka is also due to receive a grant from the Asian Development Bank. However, he said that due to the non-payment of debt last month, Sri Lanka has not received the funds from the ADB thus far.

The Premier noted that he has been holding discussions with foreign diplomats and Sri Lankan Ambassadors in different regions to secure funds to resolve the current petrol, energy and fertilizer crisis.

He said that Sri Lanka is currently not in a position to pay even one million dollars of debt repayment.Wickremesinghe said he is compiling a report on the current finances of the country and will publish it next week.


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