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Mango promoted as export crop

Under the Export Agriculture Village programme, 25,000 TOM JC mango seedlings have been received in the Trincomalee District this year, said the District Director of Agriculture, M. Kuhadasan.

The mango saplings have been issued for distribution to the beneficiaries belonging to 11 Divisional Secretariat Divisions located in the district.

Beneficiaries will be given 25 mango saplings per acre. Last year too, the Government provided 76,675 TOM JC mango seedlings and 10,500 cashew seedlings free of charge to the beneficiaries.

The economic development officers will assist in monitoring this programme at the village level and the relevant departments will provide the necessary technical knowledge to the farmers. TOM JC Mango is priced at over Rs. 500 per kg and is in high demand.

This programme is expected to increase the mango production in the district in a short period of time. The saplings are provided by the State Ministry of Minor Export Plantation Crop Development.



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