Discussions with India to import 65,000 MT of urea | Daily News
Finance Minister calls for all to support revive economy:

Discussions with India to import 65,000 MT of urea

Refutes claims of spending US$ 750 MN on iron:

Finance Minister Ali Sabry, PC said that discussions have been initiated with the Government of India to import 65,000 MT of urea.

He noted that the Finance Ministry had already released a statement in this regard. The minister said this in response to a question raised by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

The Finance Minister refuted claims that the government had spent US$ 750 million given by India to purchase essential commodities to purchase iron.He said this was a fabricated story.

He said that even during the COVID period, there were repeated demands to lockdown the country and when that was done demands were made to re-open the country.

This, he said had led to the compression of the country’s economy to -3.6 in 2020. “That was beyond our control as a government.”

The Minister said that in this crisis, there is no point in pointing fingers at each other but to act in accordance with a policy, adding that world fuel prices have increased by 138 percent. “A barrel of crude that was at 40-50 dollars per barrel has now increased to $110. With the depreciation of the rupee this is a huge problem for the government, but as are carrying out our work to ensure that the daily lives of the public can take place without issues.”

Minister Sabry said that instead of the old habits of pointing fingers at each other, everyone should come together to act according to a national policy in order to take the country out of this crisis.

Sabry said the number of taxpayer registrations has dropped by one million and VAT by 20,000.

He added that the reduction in taxpayers was a big issue.

He noted that the interest payment percentage had arisen to 72% in 2021 from 71.7 in 2020.

Sabry said the government had introduced a tax reform package and all layers had been taken into consideration. He noted that the economic crisis was not only in Sri Lanka but also in many other countries and stressed that this was a situation that had developed with the COVID pandemic.

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