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Voters’ Opinion Vs. Organised Crowds

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Headquarters
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Headquarters

Sri Lanka is currently facing major economic hardships with the ordinary people experiencing the outcome of those economic hardships. There is a connection between the ongoing protests in the country and those economic hardships to a certain extent. There is no connection whatsoever between some of the protests and actions of politicians and protestors and those economic hardships.

It is very interesting to analyze them because it is the people of Sri Lanka who have the sole right to make any changes to the existing systems, rules, regulations and especially the Constitution. No NGO, INGO, the rich, the English speaking people or those people who use internet etc. has the right to make decisions or force anyone to make any decision on behalf of ordinary people. Here in Sri Lanka, the ordinary people means all sections mentioned above like the people who do not have internet facilities, who do not understand or speak English, those who spend their entire time in paddy fields and involved in other cultivation purposes and working in factories, etc.

Here the most important factor is interpreting the meaning of people. The people of Sri Lanka are especially the people who live here in Sri Lanka. They belong to both sexes, different age groups, different races, different religions and different social classes. No matter how hard the politicians and protestors try to say they are Sri Lankans and there is no difference among them, they are not. If they do not have any differences then they may have landed here from another planet because we can very clearly see that all over the world people live with their differences but under one flag belonging to a country. This bitter truth cannot be hidden. We see this bitter truth 24 X 7 whenever we watch television, especially world news.

As described above, Sri Lankans consist of various ethnic groups, different ages, both sexes, etc. One or two factors can be pointed out which shows the gravity of the current issue, who affected most etc. The most important thing is that these crucial and burning factors are common for all human beings without any difference described above. The factor shows that all human beings are the same when it comes to health. All have red blood in their veins but they have totally different ideas, beliefs etc. inside their hearts, minds and heads.

Deadly trend in Western Province

According to some media reports published, broadcast and telecast last week, there has been a 20 percent increase in the number of heart attacks reported among Sri Lankane during the recent past with a 30 percent increase in the Western Province. A prominent Cardiologist attached to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) described this deadly trend with the factors standing behind it. He said that the current changes that have taken place in the lives have resulted in this dangerous situation. Smoking more, using more alcohol, lack of sleep, etc. among them.

The meaning is that the chance of suffering from a heart attack now is higher than before. Why are the people in the Western Province more prone to heart attacks than the people living in other provinces? Why are protests more common here in the Western Province than other provinces in the country? Why? Who is actually suffering now? Is it 14.41 million adults or 4.64 million youths? Who are protesting now? Adults or youths?

All are doing or just pretending that they are doing their level best for the well-being of the people and to ensure a comfortable and healthy life for the people. On the other hand the people also have to play a major role to be healthy and happy without getting misled. This is the best time to explore how this can be done and who can do what in order to achieve this goal. One thing has already been proven. That is, a villager living in a rural village in a difficult area without air conditioning has lesser chance to get a heart attack than a person living in the Western Province with all modern comforts in life.

Wasting time and resources

One thing is for sure. Shouting or playing ‘Kaputu Kaak Kaak Kaak’ all the time everywhere or wasting time and resources for the protests which will bring money and power for certain politicians and political parties who have already and repeatedly proved that they are crooks will not do any good. The only way out is patience until Sri Lanka becomes normal once again with funds to come from the IMF in the next few months and until then managing things as individual families. It is better to spend less time on the internet and more time for home gardening. No matter whether there are protests or not, whether there is a system change or not, the country will move to normalcy once IMF funds start to floor in.

Sri Lankan people are not babies and they can very clearly understand things but the only problem is that it takes time and the problem is they understand things after the negative or positive happen. It is too late for them by that time when something negative happens. Therefore, it is essential for them to tell exactly what is going on and who does what because mainstream media or social media only tell the people what they want and not what actually happens.

It is good to start from the beginning. Why do some Sri Lankans (maybe less than half a million or so) step into the streets for the first time? It was the commercial farmers who cultivate organic food for their consumption and cultivate on a large scale with agro chemicals for commercial purposes (to sell to other people) who came and protested against the ban of agro chemicals.

Then some ordinary people started to protest while they were waiting in gas queues, fuel, milk powder queues etc. They did not organise protests. They just protested while waiting in queues only when they see something biased happening, such as, the issuing of commodities to certain individuals who were not in queues with them etc. Then here and there some middle class people who live in condominiums started to protest demanding gas and electricity because they cannot live comfortably without those commodities. People who were affected due to power cuts also started to protest because they need power to do their self-employment.

But what we see today is these people and protesters belonging to a certain uninformed generation (they think they know everything) and certain specific institutionalized organisations with certain agendas. By now the entire country knows this. They say they hate all 225 MPs and not a single person or two or a specific family. They say they want solutions immediately for their problems and the changes they actually need are NOT demanded by the protestors. We don’t need any amendments to the current Constitution because it is the same Constitution which was protected by the entire Parliament in 2018. Such amendments will never bring us power, fuel or gas they say. All current politicians after grabbing power, not interested in solving people’s problems at all, they said.

They say that they do not have time to come onto the streets and protest because they spend their valuable time in their employment, home gardening, looking after their children and grandchildren, engaging in religious activities etc. Our demands are with us. No one hears them or our voice because we do not have time to protest. We only express our opinion when we vote. We walk out from our homes only to vote.

Some protestors say the rulers messed up with the wrong generation. Here the part ‘messed up’ is right. It is because we can very clearly see a real mess by now. They tell the truth because they are the wrong generation as stated by themselves.

They are in the wrong generation because most of them were born after 1973. From them, there are many who were born after 1990. Their weakness is they know nothing about the dark history of Sri Lanka and there is no way for them to find it out because it is not available online. It is not digitized. Hardly their parents tell them about it because there is no time for them or their parents to sit and talk. Since all Sri Lankan parents are biased, their children have no way of finding the real history even they tell it.

Dark history of Sri Lanka

They can become the right generation by learning Sri Lankan history through unbiased sources such as old Sri Lankan newspapers (published by both State and private media houses). To do this, they have to visit the National Archives Department, sit down for a few hours and read all old newspapers published by both State and private publishing houses. Reading only State media newspapers or private media newspapers will not help them to understand the real dark history of Sri Lanka because both are extremely biased.

All the other methods of finding out the real history can be biased because all living Sri Lankans are crooks who have their own political agendas. They will tell them what they want them to believe and not the truth.

A total of 6.9 million people voted for this President and for his Government. The politicians can change their stand and they do so not because people demand them to do so. They do it for money and other benefits. People exactly know this and always tell this. The only way of obtaining the latest opinion of those real voters is holding an election. Only then the entire country will see what the real ordinary Sri Lankan people think. There is a huge difference between an election result and a well organised crowds.

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