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Respect voice of the people - Catholic Church

The Catholic Church said the government should listen to the voice of the people.

National Catholic Centre for Social Communications Director,  Rev.Fr Cyril Gamini said the government and all political Parties should act in obedience to the voice of the people. If not, there could be a major crisis in the future.

He was speaking at a peaceful protest in front of the Archdiocese of Colombo yesterday (5) against the current crisis in the country. Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith was accompanied by Bishops, Fathers and Sisters.

Rev. Gamini said: “We came to the streets today to unite with the people who are in pain and hunger. The people took to the streets on the verge of their tears.

But unfortunately, the rulers in the country, the present government, are deaf to the suffering of our people.

Their main objective is to protect and secure their power,” Rev.Fr Gamini added. He said all political Parties have dragged the country into this situation.”

People are strongly voicing their abhor to all 225 members of Parliament. Furthermore, all assets looted from this country are asked to return,”he added. Rev. Fr. Cyril said the people have disliked the government.

“The government no longer has the mandate it got then and it is entirely ludicrous when they say they have a mandate of 69 lakhs.”

He highlighted that if the government and the other political Parties show a blind eye to the people’s voice, the situation will worsen. “People are saying that the Rajapaksas should step down.

Therefore, bow to the majority voice.”


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