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‘Policy advisors to blame’ - Dilith Jayaweera

Media mogul and business magnate Dilith Jayaweera noted that it was the policy advisors that had to take the brunt of the blame for the current economic crisis that the country is in. Jayaweera accused long-time advisors aligned with multiple governments of playing an active role to undermine the economy. He characterized these people as ‘economic assassins’ and promised to make public their actions shortly.

Jayaweera has already paid for the translation and distribution of the text ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ and has collected ample evidence of foul play by various agents acting to undermine the government.

He was speaking on March 31 at the Taj Samudra at a Ceylon Institute of Builders event on the foreign exchange crisis.

Jayaweera characterized these economic agents as having the unmatched capacity to cosy up to policymakers and become entrenched within the system.

Jayaweera characterized these policy advisors as pushing the government into futile policies like the distribution of fertilizer haphazardly with no charge, increasing employment with no rationale, and advocating for tax cuts thereby crushing the revenue base.

On the fertilizer front, Jayaweera noted that the country was now wholly reliant on a foreign petro-chemical input for its food security. On jobs, he noted that any government now had little ability to restructure the overstaffed public sector without facing considerable political backlash. He noted that if the revenue base of the country had not contracted there would be more economic stability at present.


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