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"Sobadanavi" adds 350 MW to the national grid

The "350 MW" Natural Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LNG) Power Plant is expected to add 200 MW to the national grid by next year. The power crisis could not have arisen, ”said Power and Energy Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.
The Minister made these comments while participating in a special inspection tour yesterday (23rd) to inspect the construction work of Sri Lanka's first natural liquefied gas power plant to be constructed in the Kerawalapitiya area
The 350 MW Sobadanavi Dual Cycle Power Plant in Kerawalapitiya is currently under construction. The power plant, which was proposed to be built many years ago, has so far been delayed due to various reasons. With the coming to power of the new government, the construction work of this power plant was able to commence and it is planned to add 200 MW to the national grid by the year 2023 after completing the first phase of construction The second phase is scheduled to be completed by 2024 and add 350 MW to the national grid. All designs and constructions of this power plant are carried out by Sri Lankan Engineers.
Speaking further Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said.
"The country is not currently generating enough electricity to meet the growing demand for electricity. The main reason for this is, Not a single power plant has been built since 2014 to add significant capacity to the national grid. If such power plants had been built to meet the shortage of hydropower, especially during this time of dry weather, we would not have to face this power crisis today, ”she said.
Chairman of Lakdanavi Company U.D. Jayawardena, CEO MJMN. Marikkar, Deputy Executive Officer Dhammika Nanayakkara and other officials.

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