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Marking 140 years in education

Let Mother Khairiya thrive!

Khairiya Girls College, Dematagoda, will hold a special function to celebrate its 140th anniversary on February 20 at 1pm at the Nelum Pokuna Theater, Colombo. It will be held under the patronage of Principal Nazeera Hassanar. Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC, will be the Chief Guest.

Khairiya Girls’ College, Dematagoda, Colombo was inaugurated in 1882 as a Madrasa by Marhoom Sulaiman Lebbe at Maligakanda and after that it was shifted to No 166, Dematagoda Road . At the inception it was a Madrasa where Arabic was taught. The founder members of the school were late U Z Hassan, W Careem and D Junaideen , the three daughters of late Sulaiman Lebbe. The school was named after late Hassans daughter Khairiya. Until 1957 the school was Managed by Governors, the late M H Macan Markar (Retired Judge), the late M M Siddeek , the late Atha Thasim and the late Rauff Naina Marikkaar.

The first Principal was T David followed by late Maryam Jayah, then Assau. Later N. G. Dain took in charge of the school in 1962 when it was vested to the Government. She brought about immense physical and educational changes to the school. A two storied building was donated by the then member of local Government R. Premadasa in 1965. During her tenure 400 students and 15 teachers were in the school. The students studied up to Advance Level.

Principal Nazeera Hassanar

When she retired in 1987 after 25 years of remarkable services Z F Nizamdeen who was a teacher at Khairiya took the post of the Principal in 1987 and served the school until 2002 for 15 years (30 years altogether) during her tenure many infrastructural changes happened. The three story building was constructed by late Sirisena Cooray the Minister of Housing and Construction in 1992 and Dain Hall was constructed at the request of late Y I. Ahamed Izzeth by Susil Premajayantha then Chief Minister of the Western Province in 1999.

After her retirement in 2002 Y M Amith took over the school as an acting Principal during her period of one year she started the bilingual education to grade six students and it has been in progress from 2002 to 2022 up to Advance Level in all the streams.

In 2003 Shihana Aslam assumed duties as the Principal of Mother Khairiya and brought about many changes in Education, Infrastructure, Extra Curricular etc. remarkably the 50 years destiny of the afternoon session, due to the lack of space, came to an end with the help of then Governor late Alavi Moulana and also then member of Western Provincial Council and now the Mujibur Rahman MP , initiated by then member of Western Provincial Council Shafeek Rajabdeen approved by then Chief Minister Reginald Cooray, by sharing the premises of Al Hijra Vidyalaya which had a vast land area but a few students, to put up temporary shed and shifted the primary students from the main school in 2009 .

Another most important thing to be remembered, with the initiative of former Governor Azad Salley, with the instruction by then President and present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, supported by a special parent body Khiriya Action Front,, front land was acquired to the school in 2010. There were many other internal changes happened during her tenure. The student population increased to 1900 Students excelled in education too.

She retired from her services at an early age in 2013 ( 10 years ) handing over the school after her retirement to A L S Nazeera Hassanar who was working as a Deputy principal during the period of Shihana Aslam , assumed duties as the Principal of her Alma Mater on the 1st of October 2013 . What is special about Nazeera Hassanar is that she herself is an old girl of mother Khairiya and served as a teacher for 10 years and as a Deputy Principal for 5 years then served as a Principal at TB Jayah Zahira College for four years became the Principal of Mother Khairiya.

From the day she took over her duties she has been working with heart and soul to bring about numerous changes, first of all she made the school type 1AB by starting the Bio Stream in the English medium, the skyscraping four story building was donated by late Z A M Refai a philanthropist initiated by A H M Fowzie, former State Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation.

There was a dire need of an overhead bridge connecting the two section of the school. Due to the project proposed by the dedicated SDC members, initiated by J. M. Riyard, donated by former Minister of Provincial Council and Local Government Faizer Mustafa in 2019 from his DCB allocation

An extend of 42 perch of separate land from Al Hijra Maha Vidyalaya School premises was allocated to Khairiya Primary Section in 2017 by the Zonal Director of Education, proposed by former Western Provincial Council Members A J M Faiz and Arshad Nizamdeen. There was a need to put up buildings comprising of 30 classrooms in the given land. Due to the effort taken by former SDC members, Sheik Noorulla, the President of Al Hima Foundation donated a two storey building to the Primary section comprising of 8 classrooms with the funds of NGO of Kuwait. The second floor comprising of four classroom was donated by the Far East Chapter of the World Memon Organization.

The present and past members of the school development committee also have been playing a major role in the infrastructure development of the school with their untiring efforts.

Khairiya Girls’ College always produced good results in the public examination. In 2020 G.C.E. (O/L) results was 86 percent. Excelling in G.C.E. (A/L) around 45 undergraduates are reading in the state universities including medical and engineering faculty. There are many graduates and professional serve our Nation and International arena who are the products of Mother Khairiya.

140 years with great achievements and developments will not occur overnight as a miracle. It’s the results of dedicated and devoted team effort and the services rendered and the support given by all the Deputy Principals, Vice Principals, Sectional Heads, teachers, Members of SDC, Members of OGA , parents and students internally and Director of Education, politicians, donors, sponsors and well-wishers from the external .

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