"Govt. has to spend Rs. 103.56 per one kilometer for a vehicle due to urban traffic condition" | Daily News

"Govt. has to spend Rs. 103.56 per one kilometer for a vehicle due to urban traffic condition"

A survey conducted by experts has revealed that the government government has to spend Rs. 103.56 per kilometer for a vehicle traveling during traffic jams in cities, said the Minister of Environment  Mahinda Amaraweera.
This was stated by the Minister at a media briefing held this today (26) after a discussion on the Bicycle for the Healthy Life program implemented by Ride for Life to promote the use of bicycles in transportation. The event was attended by a delegation from the Ride for Life organization.
However, using a bicycle can save Rs. 236.48 per kilometer and the profit to the government is Rs. 339.98, the Minister said.
The Minister said that steps will be taken to provide an eco-friendly approach to the promotion of bicycle use due to its ability to reduce air pollution, prevent wastage of time as well as control many non-communicable diseases due to cycling.
Accordingly, as the Minister of Environment, a Cabinet Memorandum has been prepared to take steps to promote the use of bicycles as one of the steps to reduce air pollution. Accordingly, it has been decided to set aside a lane on each road for cycling and to introduce a regulatory program to provide certain promotion benefits to cyclists in institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Environment.
The Government is seeking the assistance of the Government to extend this initiative to other public and private institutions. He also said that the President has decided to give priority to electric vehicles if vehicles are to be imported within the next year.
Speaking on behalf of Ride for Life, Dr. Asela Abeydheera said that hundreds of professionals in our country have already come forward for this task. The use of bicycles has created a wave around the world when it comes to commuting to work instead of using vehicles. He said that this would save the national wealth as well as reduce the risk of pollution and disease.
He also said that the bicycle which was considered as the vehicle of the poor has now become the vehicle of the rich.

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