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Floriculture crop development project for growers

The National Botanic Gardens Department has launched the national floriculture development programme to empower lower and middle level growers in the floriculture sector and to uplift their economic standards.

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said the main objective of this programme is to assist rural floriculture crop growers to increase their capacity of income generation.

Under this programme, growers in the country will be provided with material for infrastructure development as well as high quality imported mother plants for their cultivation. They will also be provided with technical know-how through routine visits to their nurseries as well as conducting workshops and seminars on selected topics. Considering the income generation of growers, small localised exhibitions and plant sales in selected districts will be organised.

There are 200 “Suwahasmal” Associations in Sri Lanka a the participation of nearly 8,000 growers. The Minister said the “Suwahasmal” Associations will be expanded across the country in the future.

"Sri Lanka earned around US$ 15.9 million in 2021 by exporting floriculture products and we hope to increase the revenue from the sector by facilitating the growers in the future,” he added.

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