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Value of ‘Mee’ in fertilizing soil

A retired Principal and Ayurvedic Physician S.P.D. Somaratna said that immediate steps should be taken through the respective authorities to grow Mee saplings (Madhuca) around reservoirs and paddy lands to make the soil fertile.

The Physician was addressing a meeting at the Auyvedic College, Polgolla, Gokarella recently.

Physician Somaratna said that during the reign of Sinhala kings, the people had been encouraged to grow Mee as it is a multi-purpose tree, which is also called honey tree. It has much value as an oil and medicinal crop. “Its leaves, flowers, bark and seeds are used for numerous Ayurvedic treatments. The decoctions prepared from its bark are highly effective against diabetes. Unfortunately, British rulers banned growing this valuable tree,” the Physician added.

He also said that bats perch on these trees at night and when their droppings fall into the water in paddy lands, these become a valuable fertilizer similar to urea. When the leaves of the tree mix with water, it also becomes an effective liquid fertilizer,” the Physician added.


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