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More opportunities open for migration to Australia

Don Susantha Katugampala in Australia
Don Susantha Katugampala in Australia

The country is multicultural and has over 300 different languages and dialects. Opportunities are vast and Australia is a much sought-after destination for migration.

Australia has also become the most preferred destination for post COVID-19 business and investment migration for many in the world, apart from skilled migration.

Top tier Immigration firm Australia Gateway, Sri Lankan arm of Melbourne-based Fairfields Lawyers founded by accredited Immigration law specialist, Don Susantha Katugampala, provides support to thousands of individuals, families, and students to realize their dreams of pursuing a better life in Australia.

Speaking on Sri Lankans migration to Australia, Katugampala said that the expatriate Sri Lankans in Australia had always supported Sri Lanka back economically and politically in the last few decades. The support from expatriate Sri Lankans in legal means to Sri Lanka is always vital for Sri Lankan economic prosperity, and we always encourage expatriate Sri Lankans to never to lose their love and affection for Sri Lanka while embrace the values and the opportunities that Australia offers you.

Speaking on the Business migration opportunities, Katugampala added, “The Australian government is giving priority to the Business Migration and Investor Migrations visas since Covid Pandemic in April 2020. Whilst borders were closed Business and Investor visa holders were allowed to arrive in Australia as the Government sees that they clearly benefit the Australian economy. The government has also taken special initiative to promote that entrepreneur visa where the entrepreneurs can secure their migration. But the entrepreneur visa requires that the applicant propose the entrepreneurial activity which has to be an innovation and a beyond average business plan. If the applicant secures that then they would receive a successful business migration.”

“There’s a positive economic growth in Australia with the lowest unemployment rate compared to many other Western countries. Therefore, those from other parts of the world are looking to come to Australia to invest. The government becomes selective in raising the bar for the business migration applicants. So it’s important to seek proper advice and then submit the application with proper documentation.”

“As Australia Gateway in Sri Lanka, we focus on all migration categories that include Business & Investor Migration, Skilled Migration, State Sponsorship and Nominations, Employer Sponsored Visas, Global Talent, Spouse visas, Parent Migration and visitor and other temporary visas. Fairfields Lawyers in Melbourne would also assist in Commercial and Business law for business and investor migrants and companies wish to expand to Australia.’ Katugampala said.

Australia Gateway has also been in the forefront in promoting investments and commercial bilateral relations between Australia and Sri Lanka.

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