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‘43 Brigade’ introduces five-point short-term strategy to avert looming economic crisis

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka led ‘43 Brigade’ civil movement has introduced a five-point short-term strategy for what it termed was a programme to avert a looming economic crisis. This was launched at the National Convention of the ‘43 Brigade’ civil movement, which was held marking its first anniversary at the Monarch Imperial Auditorium at Sri Jayewardenepura on Sunday.

The event had been themed ‘Let us hold on to hope – Rescue and Thrive’.

Pointing out that the present crisis is an outcome of the mismanagement of the 2005-2015 Government, this strategy proposes to stabilize public finances, winning back the confidence of the market, rebuilding the national economy, restructuring debt and improving Sri Lanka’s image within the international community.

In his address to the convention, MP Ranawaka said in order to improve the country’s image, Sri Lanka should refrain from involving the cold war between China and the USA.

He said, instead, Sri Lanka should maintain a balanced and co-friendly foreign policy with all the countries.

The co-friendly policy should strictly be followed with the regional neighbours such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, he stressed.

Parliamentarian Ranawaka said Sri Lanka giving away its valuable assets to China, India or the USA as ransom would not bring positive outcomes to the country.

“The absence of a co-friendly foreign policy can have impacts on the country’s sovereignty,” the MP said. He also said that Sri Lanka was on the verge of going bankrupt within this month when India granted USD 500 million to Sri Lanka and promised another USD 1.4 billion, which was instrumental in preventing such a tragedy. Therefore, in order to prevent Sri Lanka from going bankrupt, the country should be subjected to a greater change with immediate effect, he further said.

MP Ranawaka also said at present the international commercial banks are not willing to lend money to Sri Lanka as a result of which the country is facing a shortage of essential medicinal drugs. Some patients are dying due to this situation, he pointed out.

“The general public has to pay for the crimes committed by the so-called leaders,” he said.

“In the future, the country will have to face a fuel shortage and also an electricity crisis as the foreign banks are not ready to accept the Letters of Credit presented by the local banks,” he added.

Former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, party leaders, Parliamentarians, Diplomatic Representatives, political activists, civil activists, professional and business community were present. 

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