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Melsiripura–Dodangaslanda Road dilapitated

Chief Incumbent Thera takes stern decision
The dilapidated road
The dilapidated road

Chief Incumbent of the Sri Sumanaramaya Temple of Wegama, Koswatta in the Rideegama DS division Ven. Vijithapura Gunarathana Thera has decided not to grant permission to use the main building of the temple as a polling booth hereafter for any election until the road running across the village is renovated.

The Ven. Thera told the Daily News that the road from Melsiripura to Dodangaslanda via Koswatta has not been renovated for a period of nearly 40 years by any government despite the villagers’ continuous requests.

“It is full of potholes and not in a motorable condition. Our farmers are faced with great difficulties in transporting their produce to the nearest towns under this situation,” Ven. Thera said. “Although, under the request of the villagers, I had brought this matter to the notice of the responsible authorities under former governments on several occasions, no action has yet been taken to address the issue.”

Ven. Thera further said that there is a tug of war between the politicians as this road runs through two electorates namely Hiriyala and Dodangaslanda. No one likes to hold the responsibility as they cannot gain the fullest benefit of the investment they make on the construction of the road. They pass the ball to each other.

“This temple premises has been used as a polling booth for the last 40 years, but hereafter they will have to find another place,” Ven. Thera said. “I made this firm decision as I cannot tolerate this injustice to the villagers anymore.”

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