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A justifiable proposal

Two more years for the President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during a surprise inspection visit to the Agrarian Development Department in Colombo recently.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during a surprise inspection visit to the Agrarian Development Department in Colombo recently.

Last week Parliamentarian Diana Gamage proposed that a Motion should be passed with a two-thirds majority in Parliament to extend the term of the President by two more years pointing out that the President had lost two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She told Parliament that the term of the Parliament should also be extended by two years. She said the President should be supported by everyone to face this global pandemic and the resultant effects.

Sri Lanka's vaccination drive has been highly successful.

Speaking during the Adjournment Debate on the President's Policy Statement made in Parliament on January 18, she said the Expressway network in the country could have been completed if two years were not wasted due to the pandemic.

She said the entire world has been affected due to this global pandemic and pointed out that queues for food and fuel were reported in Australia, the USA etc. and the cost of food had also gone up in those countries.

What she said is significant and there are more facts that need to be highlighted in addition to what she stated in Parliament. It is essential to highlight all the other significant facts because no one mentions them in Parliament and totally opposite facts, figures and fabricated stories circulate in the social media which cover those real facts from behind a dark curtain. The people of this country need to see and hear the real facts. Then no one will be able to brainwash them like they did in 2015.

Free vaccination against COVID-19

Last week, Consultant on Critical care Medicine, National hospital of Sri Lanka, Dr. Anthony Mendis said that the Sri Lankan Government has expressed its love towards the people by offering free vaccination against COVID-19 and the vaccination against the disease is a gift given by the Government to the people. He stated this during the regular press briefing held at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo but no media broadcast/telecast or published it. Even the media supporting this Government did not give publicity to it. But it is the truth and the only truth.

The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPC) has completed supplying COVID-19 vaccines to the entire country. The SPC supplied nearly 50.642 million doses (42.829 million doses via procurement and 7.813 million doses via donations) of COVID-19 Vaccines to Sri Lanka, ensuring not only the 1st and 2nd doses, but also the booster dose for entire eligible population in Sri Lanka, within a period less than one year.

This was done under the leadership of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and no one talked about this giant task which saved Sri Lankan people from COVID-19. The President saved the precious lives of Sri Lankan people. This act of merit cannot be compared with any other act of merit. He saved the lives of the Sri Lankan people for the second time. He did it for the first time in 2009 and did the same in 2021.

Now it is in the hands of the Sri Lankan people to walk to any Vaccination Centre operating all over the country and obtain their booster dose as soon as possible in order to save themselves from death and ICU admission. No one needs to force them to do so. Anyone who wishes to be alive will get the booster jab.

Unfortunately it seems people are busy going through social media in order to find out who died after obtaining the booster dose. Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Hearth stated last Friday during the same press briefing that no complications or hospitalizations were reported from Sri Lanka after receiving the booster dose. But social media tells an entirely different story and the media reported another pathetic situation from a school located in the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat division.

MP Diana Gamage 

One school including its Principal and the staff rejected vaccination and the health staff was turned back. This school is located in the same area where a person spat on the face of some PHIs some time ago and was imprisoned by the Judiciary for that offence. It is the responsibility of the Education Ministry to take action against the school authorities which negated the hard work of President Rajapaksa.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should be given back the period that Sri Lanka was under full and partial lockdown. During the past two years he was very busy saving the lives of the people and he needs those two years back in order to attend to other tasks, especially developing the country. But even in the middle of COVID-19 he did not stop some development projects. That is why today people comfortably travel through a part of the newly-opened Central Expressway.

The main obstacle which stands in the middle of the road to development in Sri Lanka is white collar thieves. They have been stealing public funds during the past seven decades and it is not possible to identify them and chase them away within 24 hours. They become very close associates of Cabinet Ministers of any Government no matter which Government is in power. They know the art of becoming very close associates of VIPs very well.

White collar thieves

Unfortunately the public sees only the Cabinet Minister whoever is holding the office by that time and believe that it is him/her that is stealing public funds. No Sri Lankan media reveal these white collar thieves.

The politicians come into power only for five years and thereafter they leave their portfolios. But the white collar thieves stay in their positions without any change for a period of 40 years or so. Just imagine how much public funds they can steal during a period of four decades. Some white collar thieves shift from one position to another or two during these four decades. But it is not a problem at all for them because they are all time close associates of any Cabinet Minister from any Government and freely steal using their usual tactics. Sometimes the poor Cabinet Minister has to pay the price. Some others do not have any idea about this issue. Some others try their best to defeat these white collar thieves and get punished.

The train service should be streamlined. 

The other burning issue is 1.6 million public servants not delivering the expected smooth and swift service to the public while they obtain their salaries, other allowances and all the benefits without any problem no matter whether the country is locked down or not. A very simple example from Fort Railway Station can be pointed out for this. Whenever a train arrives on another platform other than the usual platform, the relevant authorities never announce it on time and never make the announcement an adequate number of times.

This severely affects pregnant mothers, aged passengers, disabled passengers, sick passengers etc. They cannot run from one platform to another platform located far away. They need more than a few minutes to walk slowly to the relevant platform. By the time they arrive at the correct platform, the train has already left. There is no mercy at all for those helpless passengers. The authorities never inform the engine driver to wait another minute allowing all those helpless passengers to walk to the relevant platform and get into the train. Most of those passengers choose specific uncrowded trains in order to sit and travel due to their difficulties. But what if they cannot catch it even after arriving at the station one hour early?

This is only one simple example to show how some public servants “serve” the public after obtaining salaries that come from public funds. They just do their job for the sake of doing it. They are not interested at all in making simple changes and adjustments in order to serve the public better. There is no creativity at all. They do not care about the people at all.

But they know one thing for sure. None of their family members, close relations and friends travel by those trains at that specific time. If they travel, those public servants make sure that they call them from their official land phones (free of charge) and inform them about the changes of times, platforms etc. long before the train arrives at the Fort Station. There is no punishment at all, even if the public makes complaints against them.

Even a child with an iota of brains can understand that one more announcement, a little sympathy can change this pathetic situation completely. Why can't they announce the change of platform a few minutes early? Why can't they make the announcement more than twice or thrice? Why can't they inform the engine driver to wait another minute? This is only one place in thousands of similar places, institutions here in Sri Lanka where public servants “serve” the people in this manner.

Not only two years, maybe even four years will not be adequate for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa if public servants of Sri Lanka cannot change their current negative attitude towards their official duties and if the Government lets white collar thieves stay in their positions in various State institutions and steal public money. The people blame all 225 MPs because they do not see white collar thieves.

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