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SLIM signs MoU with SLASSCOM (Guarantee)

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) to facilitate internship opportunities for SLIM undergraduates within the SLASSCOM landscape.

Signed on the 21st of September 2021, this partnership will enable undergraduates of SLIM to expand their horizons through internship opportunities within SLASSCOM member companies. This collaboration would create new pathways and development opportunities for students to further their education, familiarise themselves with the IT/BPM industry and advance their career prospects. In addition, SLIM members would be able to engage in mentor programmes organised by the SLASSCOM Forums and Centres of Excellence. Together, SLIM and SLASSCOM would be able to formulate learning and development initiatives for both organizations through mutually shared resources that would enhance competencies, skills, training, and other avenues for development. Furthermore, as per the agreement, both organizations would be able to share resources for events, facilitate access to events for both memberships and organize collaborative events to support both organizations.

President of SLIM, Thilanka Abeywardena said, “The mutual understanding between the two companies is beneficial to both the parties. SLIM aims at providing a knowledgeable workforce to the country through marketing education. This objective aligns with SLASSCOM’s forums of Marketing, Capacity, Regional Development, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Quality, Business Process Management, Innovation, and Human Resources. Together, we hope to facilitate a well-rounded group of business leaders that are “Future-Ready” and ready to face the challenges of the business landscape of Sri Lanka.”

SLIM Vice President for Education Nuwan Gamage further elaborated, “This partnership will enhance the overall quality of the workforce of SLASSCOM as our bright and innovative undergraduates would add to their organization. Likewise, this opportunity presents great promise for our undergraduates as they would be presented with the chance to explore their career options, obtain real-life experience in the business industry and more. As one of the best marketing faculties in the country, we aim to continue to produce highly trained professionals and excellent marketers for our nation.”

SLASSCOM Chairperson Sandra de Zoysa in her address explained the importance of talent development and upskilling at this critical juncture as the nation recovers from the effects of COVID-19. She went on to discuss the synergies that SLASSCOM could leverage in order to expand SLASSCOM’s marketing efforts. Speaking on the need that SLASSCOM has to expand its marketing efforts she emphasised, “There’s a lot to be done on how IT/BPM companies incorporate the Island of Ingenuity branding and this is an area in which our industry can gain a lot, with the help of this monumental partnership between SLASSCOM and SLIM.”

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