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Protect masses from economic crisis - UNP



UNP MP Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament yesterday (20) that what all Political Parties should do in Parliament is not protect or overthrow the government but protect the people who are seriously affected by the economic crisis.

MP Wickremesinghe pointed out that traditional politics or slogans will not solve the crisis or benefit the people. He also noted that it was not possible to solve problems without the stability of policies.

Wickremesinghe made these observations joining the second day of the debate on the statement of the government policy made by the President in Parliament at the ceremonial opening of the second session of the Ninth Parliament held Tuesday (18).

Wickremesinghe also said, “After 34 years, we are in the midst of the most critical economic and political crisis. Our economic crisis runs deeper than a mere Forex crisis. In which country do we apply GST and VAT on the same goods? Burden of this economy has to be shouldered by Samurdhi receivers, trishaw drivers and other low income families.We created a middle class with an open economy. When the economy collapses, the middle class also collapses. A very small group of companies and people keep extracting the profits. We have two options.We need to decide whether we should go to the IMF or if the government is offering an alternative solution. We are expecting the Finance Minister to select either of the two.We cannot let this problem keep hanging without an aim. I request the Cabinet to make a decision on this matter by February and let this House know about it.” MP Wickremesinghe furthered.


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