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Plans are already in place to develop villages throughout the country - State Minister

State Minister  Sathasivam Viyalendreren
State Minister Sathasivam Viyalendreren

During the last government, a very few development programmes were implemented in the areas around Kokkadicholai, Backward Rural Areas Development State Minister Sathasivam Viyalendreren said.

He was speaking at the opening of the re-constructed bridge connecting Kokkadicholai and Ambilanthurai, which was in a dilapidated condition due to floods. The bridge was constructed by the Road Development Authority at a cost of Rs. 15 million.

Speaking further the State Minister said that during the tenure of the previous government, there were a few infrastructure developments in the North and East, especially in the remote areas where Tamils live.

However, since the present government came to power, it has been able to identify the right needs and distribute funds even to remote villages. Accordingly many development activities such as major roads, bridges and water supply projects are in progress in these areas.

“Plans are already in place to develop villages not only in the North and East but also throughout the country,” he said.

“Agriculture related products are more prevalent in Batticaloa District especially in the villages around Paduwankarai area, where agriculture and fresh water fishing are very successful. The development of regional roads can be seen as very important to enhance this manufacturing sector,” State Minister Viyalendreren said.

As an outcome rural economies are also developing very strongly, when the infrastructure is developed in this manner, he added. Officials from the RDA and people from Kokkadichola and Ambilanthurai were also present on the occasion.

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