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Nine spices and Ceylon Tea in a healthy blend

Tea – not only is it a Sri Lankan favourite, but Ceylon Tea is valued around the world. Taking this beloved taste to another level is Soo Chai, which enhances the tea experience through a handcrafted Sri Lankan blend of premium Ceylon black tea and nine spices – ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, turmeric, cumin, and peppercorns.

Through this blend, Soo Chai Co-Founders Shan Abeywardena and Shanika Sumanadeerasought to deliver a burst of flavour that intensifies the familiar taste, while adding a healthy habit to consumers’ daily routines.

The blends are made with all-natural ingredients, avoiding any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives, making Soo Chai the first Sri Lankan brand to bring this form of masala tea mix to shelves. What makes it even more tempting to pick up is the well-thought-out packaging – the glass jar containing the spice mix comes in an opulent gold box to signify the high standards that go into the creation of the distinctive taste.

Speaking of this creation process, Co-Founder Shan explained: “We started our journey of sourcing raw ingredients directly from the plantations into your teapot. The result exceeded all our expectations. The rich flavours of Ceylon high-grown tea accented with the taste of authentic Sri Lankan-grown spices left us all speechless. We have the best tea and best spices in the world; I just simply combined the two.”

The two founders noticed a gap in the local market for a unique chai option, which led to the idea of Soo Chai. “Soo Chai is not just a cup of tea. We handpicked the highest quality blend of Ceylon tea and spices to give our unique twist to the masala chai industry. The recipe has been engineered to provide a fragrant, convenient, easy-to-use, handy-packed beverage that sees the fusion of therapeutic spices with a host of curative properties in a delicious and flavourful blend,” Shan continued.

Each spice was carefully chosen not only for its contribution to the taste, but also with its health benefits in mind. While Ceylon tea is rich in antioxidants and is good for heart health, the other ingredients are equally beneficial – cardamom is known to lower blood pressure, as well as improve breathing and oxygen use; cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that relieve digestive discomfort;and cloves lower blood sugar and improve liver health.

Explaining this focus on health benefits, Co-Founder Shanika detailed: “Ayurvedic medication has its origins in India, thousands of years ago. It has a general curative effect on illnesses and derives its potency from herbs and roots. This tends to have an unpleasant taste, andis often cumbersome and time-consuming in its preparation and use. Soo Chai’s invention surpasses the above setbacks,with a taste that can be savoured. It tastes pleasant, it’s ready in minutes, andit has the benefits of the widest range of natural curative spices combined in a single cup.”

Soo Chaiaims to showcase Sri Lanka’s unique taste of fragrant spicy milk tea, and makes this as easy as possible, as it can be prepared in three simple steps. A single spoon of this blend is enough to brew up a strong cup of tea that will leave drinkers feeling refreshed in no time. The careful attention to balance ensures that the blend doesn’t drown out the most important flavour – the tea itself. The spices only serve to accentuate that familiar taste.

Soo Chai recently had the opportunity to be featured at the Dubai Expo, where it received raving reviews from tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike upon testing it. It has also begun making waves among consumers after its launch in Oman, thanks to the unique combination of a beloved, familiar flavour with traditional healing practices.For those who look forward to a healthier cup of tea, the Soo Chai instant mix is a must-have.

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