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Trinco tank farm deal baffling - JVP

JVP politburo member and former MP Sunil Handunnetti yesterday asked the government as to why it entered into an agreement with India over the management of the Trincomalee Oil Tank farm till 2072 at a time when a decision has been taken to phase out fossil oil usage globally by 2050.

He said that the government signed the Trincomalee Oil Tank farm agreement without making the people aware of what contained in the agreement.

Addressing a press conference at the NPP headquarters, Handunnetti said that the India has taken over the right to determine the sovereignty, security and future of Sri Lanka.

“The British built the oil tank farm in Trincomalee due to the geopolitical importance in the country,” he said.

“There has been a great deal of diplomatic and historical connection since the time of the Supreme Buddha. But today Sri Lanka is brought to its knees before the power politics of India by the greedy rulers of our country,”he said.

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