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Voting rights for those just 18 under separate list

The Elections Commission states that legal provisions have been made for those who have completed 18 years to exercise their voting right through a Supplementary Electoral List before entering the main Electoral List according to the Registration of Electors (Amendment) Act No. 22 of 2021 as amended by the Electoral Registration Act No. 44 of 1980.

As a first step, the applicants who have completed 18 during the period from June 01 to January 31, 2022, i.e. those who were born between June 01 and January 31, 2004,  can apply for registration in the Electoral listFor this, the National Identity Card (or a copy of the National Identity Card confirmation letter issued by the Department of Registration of Persons) and a copy of the birth certificate along with the relevant form should be handed over to the Grama Niladhari of the area on on before January 10.

Supplementary lists will be displayed at all District Election Offices, Divisional Secretariats, Local Government Offices and Grama Niladhari Offices after February 01.

If a person has not been registered in this manner, then that person can submit an application with relevant documents should be submitted within 10 days after displaying the supplementary lists.

The Commission further informs that the required applications can be obtained from all venues displaying the supplement lists.



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