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Domestic workers’ unions call for ratification of Int’l Conventions

To make decent work a reality for domestic workers in Sri Lanka, The Centre for Working Women (CWW) together with the National Workers Congress and Protect Union and other domestic workers’ unions called for the ratification of International Labour Organisation- Domestic Workers Convention-(C189) and Violence and Harassment Convention-(C 190) by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Domestic workers,most of them from marginalised groups, are contributing to Sri Lanka’s economy and society in a big way. However domestic workers work in isolation and are often vulnerable to violence and harassment at the workplace.

Urging the need to close legal and implementation gaps in order to make decent work a reality for domestic workers, CWW President Amali Kalupahana requested all Sri Lankans to do their part in protecting and promoting the rights of domestic workers.

Kalupahana made these comments at a media training workshop on, ‘Ratification of C 189 and C 190’, organised by CWW in collaboration with International Labour Organisation (ILO) . The workshop was held in Colombo on Thursday (23).

“We would like to draw the attention of all the distinguished participants to commit themselves to join together to use our collective strength not only to ratify these conventions which are yet to be ratified but also to implement provisions of these conventions in our national law,” Kalupahana said. She further said that all social partners in particular the Government, trade unions; employers together with civil society should form a common branch to protect the rights of domestic workers who are a major part of the informal economy.

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