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Charity at heart

We meet all types of people in society, and some of them love to be of some service to the society, without highlighting themselves too much and making a big fuss out of it. They take pleasure in helping out people with what they have, and to see a smile on a person’s face, to hear them say ‘thank you’ is the greatest achievement that such people could have.

We feature a renowned social service worker and a philanthropist on TnC Melodies today. She has now turned to music to keep herself free of the stress that she has to go through in her work. She started music at a late age, but she does not seem to mind it. Apart from that, she tried out her performance skills in Udayakantha Warnasuriyas ‘Asai Mang Piyambanna’ upon his invitation, and stunned the audiences through her acting skills. Her parent’s charity work took her by awe, and from a very young age, she was keen to help people, and dedicate herself to social and charity work. That was her greatest pleasure, as she encouraged her children also to follow her footsteps. She is now extremely happy to see that her grandchildren toon are interested and are trying to learn her charity work. She is content and happy with what she has done so far from her end. She has been involved in social service work for more than 40 years, and in 1985 she started the Jeewa Foundation, to encourage underprivileged students to pursue with their higher studies, and also to be of some help for the poor and needy. Up to now, she is the founder and chairperson of the organization, and it continues with its service to the nation to rebuild and see a better future. Apart from her social and charity work today, we are also going to talk about her latest involvement in music, and with Jagath Wickramasinghe being her mentor and teacher. He was the person who taught her to be comfortable with her own voice, since everyone has a unique voice of their own. They recently released a Christmas song together, ‘Bethlehem Puren’, and it became quite a sensation on YouTube. She has released several songs upto now, and, according to her, all based on the most important moments and people of our life. She has released songs on behalf of father’s day titled ‘Adara Mage Thaththa’ , ‘Udagiren Paya Ena’ on behalf of Children’s Day and Father’s Day. The music is provided by Jagath Wickramasinghe, ‘Buduhamuduruwane’ , ‘Mage Daruwo’etc are a few more songs she has sung.


Q: What are you up to these days?

I have been doing social service work for more than 45 years, and apart from that I did many things. I ‘m continuing with my social work these days. I am also being a bit involved in music as well, just to relax and soothe my mind.

Q: Recently you did a Christmas song with Jagath Wickramasinghe. How did it all begin?

I thought that I should do something relevant to the season, and Jagath readily agreed to help me out with the music. He encouraged me to improve my voice, and said that everyone has a unique voice of their own. I have a knack for releasing songs relevant to each season, and if you go through my songs you‘ll see the reason why. Apart from songs based on love and separation, I prefer to sing songs which have some meaning and gives us something to learn.

Q: You have released several songs up to now. What inspired you to take up music?

Unlike most people, who start music at a young age, I started music at a very late age. But it was ok. I just wanted to take into music to relax my mind, not to become a pop star! Even my children used to laugh at me for taking to singing at this stage, but if that’s what I want, so be it. Jagath Wickrmasinghe was of great support at this endeavor, and he was the reason why I was compelled to follow music, even at this age.

Q: How was the support which you got from the music scene/ musicians when you first entered it?

To be honest, since I took to music at a late age, I didn’t get that much of opportunity to mix with most of the music world and musicians. I was only a businesswoman and a social service worker. From the very beginning, my mentor and my teacher was Jagath Wickramasinghe , and it is because of him I have come so far.

Q: You’re also known for your social service work. What can you say about the ‘Jeewa Life Foundation’?

Well it’s something which I started some sort of help for those who wanted to pursue with their education, and help them to achieve their dreams, and overcome poverty. Up to now the organization had been involved in a lot of welfare activities and I’m glad that I was able to do something from my end to the welfare of the society. You just can’t imagine the happiness and satisfaction you get after you see a smile on a person’s face. That’s worth than money. There were times when I was also broken and in dire straits, but that didn’t stop me from helping people.

Q: Do you have any plans to continue with music in the long run, or do it as part time?

That depends. I’m a business woman and a social service worker, not a musician. But of course I would continue with music as a hobby, if I’m given an opportunity, and as something to relax my mind. But I have a great liking to music, I believe that’s one thing which keeps the world moving on.

Q: You seem to have done songs mostly based on religious harmony and other social topics. Is there any particular reason for this?

Well, I think it was not a surprise. Like, you hear love songs, songs based on separation, etc, but I wanted to do something different, which was important to all of us, and also to increase our social values. It is something that everybody could listen to.

Q: What do you think of the music scene in Sri Lanka?

I think the music scene in Sri Lanka has evolved into a much bigger scale than it was those days. Along with modern technology and so on, we see new material coming up and music being made every day. It’s in a very progressive state, and it’s interesting to see new artistes, and music coming up.

Q: How does it feel to get involved in the music scene in Sri Lanka, apart from social work?

I feel very happy and blessed. This was like a dream come true. I got involved in music at a later stage, but even that is a reason to be thankful.

Q: Any new songs coming up?

Hopefully yes. There is more of my charity work also to be done and we are going to start on new projects, and at the same time when I get the chance, I hope to continue with my music too.

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