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Magistrate Gamage acquitted from elephant calf case

The Colombo High Court yesterday acquitted and released interdicted Magistrate Thilina Gamage, the fourth accused in the case filed against him and another three accused for the alleged possession of an elephant calf named ‘Sakura’ without a licence.

Taking into consideration the evidence that transpired during a lengthy trial, Colombo High Court Judge Damith Thotawatta observed that the prosecution has failed to prove charges against the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

The High Court Judge ordered to acquit and release interdicted Magistrate Thilina Gamage from all charges without summoning the defence witnesses.

However, three other accused were not released from the case.The Judge ruled that the accused have a right to provide dock statements. Thereafter, Counsels appearing for the defence informed the court that they expect to summon defence witnesses.

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