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Probe into liquid fertilizer bottle blasts in Anuradhapura

The Fertilizer Secretariat will investigate the alleged explosion of several bottles of liquid organic fertilizer distributed among farmers in the Anuradhapura district.

Fertilizer Secretariat Anuradhapura District Assistant Director Bandula Kumara said activation of micro-organisms may have led to the explosion of some bottles.

Liquid fertilizers are usually packed in bottles of one to ten liters in the market.

He said that five out of fifty bottles stored at the Padaviya Agrarian Services Centre had exploded. Three out of thirty bottles kept at a house in Padaviya have also exploded. The local company producing liquid fertilizer has been informed to recall all bottles and replace with liquid fertilizer which meet the relevant standards.

The farmer organizations had purchased 51,000 litres of liquid fertilizer earlier.Officials said that there is issue with regard to 7,000 litres of liquid fertilizer purchased by them.

Officials also believe that that standards of the bottles may sometimes have led to the explosion . “Activation of microorganism inside the bottles may have also caused the explosion”, the officials said.

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