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SLTA condemns Health Services DG’s statement

Sri Lanka Teachers’ Association (SLTA) President Priyantha Fernando on Wednesday said that they strongly condemn the statement by the Health Services Director General on November 30 that the teachers’ protest enhanced the spread of COVID 19 in the country. Fernando said that the Health Services Director General is helping politicians by covering the crisis and shortcomings in the health sector.

“Over one month has passed since schools were reopened. It is after about three weeks since the reopening of schools that COVID began spreading in schools. The main reason for this situation is the health sector did not present a proper procedure for the reopening of schools. “COVID infected students were discovered from several main schools in Anuradhapura on Tuesday, too,” he said.

He added that no proper supervision is being carried out by the health sector in schools. Although the COVID infected parents should have been sent for self-quarantine, students from these families attended the schools. “Even if students get infected, teachers are not quarantined. This is a serious situation. The Director of Health Services has not taken steps to control the situation,” he said

“Although we warned of such a situation, they did not take it seriously.

“Instead, the Director of Health Services is covering up his inability without implementing a procedure to protect the children,” the SLTA President said.

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