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LG Bodies to increase organic fertilizer production

Provincial Councils and Local Government State Minister Roshan Ranasinghe said plans are on to increase the production capacity of organic fertilizer by the Local Government Authorities’ upto 100,000 metric tonnes per month to enhance organic fertilizer production in the country.

He said that a number of Local Government Bodies are currently engaged in manufacturing 37,000 metric tonnes of organic fertilizer using daily collected domestic garbage and waste from the vegetable markets in their respective areas.

He further said that increasing the production capacity of manufacturing organic fertilizer at local government authorities level will provide a greater solution for the waste disposal for their institutions as well as helping to fulfill the national requirement of organic fertilizer with the support of island wide Local Government institutions.

The State Minister further said the government needs the support of the local governments to make the change to organic fertilizer a success.

“If we are able to succeed with this programme, a large sum of money spending for fertilizer imports can be saved within the country. Therefore, it is very important that all local government bodies support our programme. It is a great boost to the journey of building eco-friendly agriculture for the future of the country,” he said.

He said that he expects to submit a Cabinet paper to set up a new Waste Management Authority to properly manage the waste disposal problem and increase the efficiency of the organic fertilizer production under the proper coordination of the central government jointly with the local government bodies, he added.

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