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Trade Ministerial Committee convenes to discuss gas leaks

The Speaker has convened the meeting on a proposal made by Leader of the House and Minister Dinesh Gunawardena. All relevant stakeholders will be summoned to the meeting by the subject Minister to discuss the prevailing situation and measures that should be taken.

In addition to the Members of this Committee, any interested MP is also permitted to attend the special meeting.

The Leader of the House proposed to convene the meeting as setting up a Parliament Select Committee as suggested by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa would take more time.

“I think both sides agree that this is a very serious issue. The safety of the public is the first. Therefore, we should immediately order the Special Consultative Committee to convene tomorrow morning and ask the Minister and the relevant authorities to come to Parliament and respond. I make that proposal. Appointing a select committee is a long-term process. Therefore, as a first step, let us convene the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Ministries.” Minister Gunawardena pointed out.

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