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Prevention of COVID-19 ‘Omicron’ variant entering country

Strict measures in place at BIA

‘Public should follow health guidelines to the letter’

Deputy Director General of Health Dr. Hemantha Herath said that strict security measures are in place at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Katunayake to prevent the entry of passengers who could be afflicted with the new COVID-19 ‘Omicron’ variant.

He said that Omicron variant, first detected in South Africa has already spread to many countries and it is important to follow proper health guidelines to prevent the same from happening in Sri Lanka as well.

“There is no point in closing the country. A number of measures have been taken by the authorities to prevent the new COVID-19 variant from entering the country. But, the best way the public can support this endeavour is to follow the health guidelines to the letter”.

He said when it came to COVID-19 vaccination drive, Sri Lanka was at a very high level with even a third booster shot is been rolled out at present.

But Dr. Herath stressed that no matter what measures the authorities take will not be fruitful, if the people do not adhere to the required health guidelines.

Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa said in Parliament yesterday that the Government has taken all possible measures to prevent the ‘Omicron’ COVID variant from entering the country.

He added that a firm decision has been taken regarding six countries.

The Government took action in this regard three days ago and the Ministry of Health has also paid special attention to this matter, the Minister said. Rajapaksa said that the booster vaccine was administered in Sri Lanka before the Omicron variant was known to the world and that the President and the Government were taking a special interest in it. The Sports Minister said that special safety health measures have been implemented at all airports and the health history of all arriving passengers is being monitored on a regular basis.

He added that the relevant departments have even introduced a special app in this regard. He assured that as a Government, all possible measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the people.

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