Over 90,000 Lankans seek foreign jobs | Daily News

Over 90,000 Lankans seek foreign jobs

State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotions and Market Diversification Piyankara Jayaratne told the Daily News yesterday that 92,000 job seekers have left Sri Lanka for overseas employment during this year. However, only 53,684 Sri Lankans had left for foreign employment in 2020 due to the pandemic, while 203,087 Sri Lankans had left for overseas employment in 2019. Since many foreign countries have now relaxed their travel restrictions, many Sri Lankans are leaving for lucrative overseas jobs these days. A sum of Rs. 125 million has been allocated for training Sri Lankan job seekers who wish to go abroad for well-paid jobs. These Sri Lankans would bring valuable foreign exchange to our country, the State Minister said.

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