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Malwathu Oya Multi-Sector Development:

Project that will reconcile three communities

Work in progress.
Work in progress.

The construction of the headwork of the Anuradhapura Lower-Malwathu Oya Multi-Sector Development Project has been expedited on the instructions of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Anuradhapura Government Agent Janaka Jayasundara visited the construction site recently accompanied by Anuradhapura Additional Government Agent Ruwan Bandara Jayaratne, Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretary Manjari Chandradasa, and Divisional Irrigation Executives. Thantirimale Rajamahaviharadhipathi Ven.Thantirimale Chandrarathana Nayaka Thera was also present.

Project Director Sanath Gunasena told the visitors that the Project will be completed soon and the construction of the three km-long main dam has already been expedited.

''The construction commenced last March and Rs. 22,000 million will be spent on the entire Project. The reservoir will be the largest in the Anuradhapura District with a water capacity of 169,400 acre feet,” he said.

“The people of the Mannar District will benefit from the Project since 32,600 acres in the District will receive adequate irrigational water for both Yala and Maha seasons from the reservoir. About 3,000 acres in Thantirimale will receive sufficient water in addition to 12 million cubic meters of drinking water for the Anuradhapura and Mannar Districts annually. The Project will also generate 4.68 giga watts of electricity apart from producing renewable electricity through a floating solar power system,” Gunasena said.

“About 244 families will be evacuated and they will be resettled in Kaluwila and Naranwila after providing them with reasonable compensation. Also, the Project will set up a tourist hub on the banks of the Lower Malwathu Oya including Thantirimale Raja Mahavihara and the Wilpaththu National Park. Thantirimale will be developed as a new access road to the Wilpatthu National Park. A museum will also be set up to contain a large number of monuments found from the 13,000 acres, which will be submerged to the reservoir at the end.

The Thantirimale Rajamahaviharadhipathi said that the construction commenced after a long delay since the first plan was submitted by team of Russian Irrigation Experts somewhere in 1957. The prelate lauded the direct intervention of the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in this regard for which several governments laid foundation stones on three occasions. The Nayaka Thera said that the reservoir will be a bridge of reconciliation among the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim Communities in Anuradhapura, Mannar and Vavuniya.


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