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‘Martin Wijesinghe was a polymath’

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has expressed his condolences on the death of Martin Wijesinghe, who was considered as a ‘Professor of Sinharaja’.

Martin Wijesinghe, who is highly regarded by all, both locals and foreigners, who love the environment as the Professor of Sinharaja, was an environmentalist who had a vast knowledge of plants, streams and animals in theSinharaja Forest.

Although I have not had the opportunity to meet him in personally, most of the environmentalists, journalists and scholars, who have discussed environmental conservation on a number of occasions have told me about the vast amount of knowledge that Martin Wijesinghe had.

I think he was a polymath, who amassed a great wealth of knowledge about the Sinharaja by walking through every section in the Sinharaja forest. In honour of Martin Wijesinghe, a rare species of vine growing in Sinharaja is called ‘Diasporis Wijesinghe’ . He was also able to make a name for himself among our country’s environmentalists as well as foreign environmentalists because of his interest in the environment.

Martin Wijesinghe was a man of practical knowledge, who provided guidance to even the professors, who came to study Sinharaja. Environmentalist Martin Wijesinghe, also known as the Professor of Sinharaja, passed away at the age of eighty – two.

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