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Maharagama MC Chairman’s father found tapping power

The father of Maharagama Municipal Council Chairman Tiraj Lakruwan was taken into custody yesterday (24) in connection with an incident of tapping electricity from an electric post.

This suspect, a retired police officer was taken into custody during a raid carried out by officers of the Special Raids Unit of the CEB and the Police.

Sources said that while there was a legal power connection which had been supplied to his house, the suspect had fixed an additional wire leading from an electric post belonging to the CEB and obtained power in order to use additional lights. They also said that the suspect, the retired police officer had paid and settled the loss incurred by the CEB.

A CEB spokesman said the power supply to the house of the suspect, father of the present Chairman of the Maharagama Municipal Council, at Shanthi Mawatha, Galawilawatte, Homagama had been disconnected while another Police officer said that it had been confirmed

that the Chairman too resides in the same house where the suspect, his father, the retired police officer lived.

An officer who was involved in the raid said that an investigation had been carried out regarding several complaints made a few days ago that on many occasions, the high-powered bulbs fixed on an electric post opposite this house had been on from dawn to dusk, and it was then that the

discovery was made of power being obtained for other high-powered bulbs from road electricity posts. The CEB investigation unit and the Homagama Police are carrying out further

investigations into this incident.

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