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Opposition Leader laments vegetable shortage

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) and Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday expressed his dissatisfaction over the shortage of vegetables caused due to the decision by farmers to refrain from cultivating crops during the Maha season over the longstanding fertilizer issue.

The Opposition Leader said at a media briefing that the Government has suddenly decided to import chemical fertilizer but over 200,000 farmers have to face immense hardships since a majority of them has not yet commenced Maha Sason cultivations because of the shortage of chemical or organic fertilizer.

“If the Agriculture Ministry Officials decided to import chemical fertilizer earlier, such a situation would never happen and there will be no shortage of vegetable and related agricultural products in the country,” the Opposition said.

Opposition Leader Premadasa said that this foolish decision affected not only farmers but also everyone in the country.

The SJB Leader said that the SJB is of the view that cultivating paddy and other agricultural products using only organic fertilizer is immensely needed at this juncture, considering the health condition of the people and those to be born in the future.

Opposition Leader Premadasa said that cultivating using only organic fertilizer cannot be done overnight but gradually without putting much burden on farmers, their families and the people.

The Opposition Leader said that it is pity to say all these foolish decisions are made by the Government without even consulting agricultural experts and urged the Government to make such important decisions in future only after consulting with agriculture experts.

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