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No information about 48 missing fishermen

Vice President of the Jaffna Vadamaarachchi United Fisheries Association S. Warnakulasingham said that there is no information at all about 48 fishermen who went to sea in 14 boats from fisheries harbours in Jaffna, due to heavy rains and strong winds.

Relatives of these fishermen have informed the Point Pedro Police and other Police Stations as well as Fisheries Inspection Officers in the district regarding their disappearance. 

These fishermen had gone to sea prior to the inclement weather setting in. As a result of strong winds and torrential rains experienced in Jaffna, a number of boats which had been anchored at the Karainagar, Vadamaarachchi and Gurunagar Fisheries Harbours had drifted out to sea.

The huts built by fishermen for recreation purposes and gathering fish had been blown away by the winds. The northern seas including those around Jaffna are very rough at present and the Navy has banned fishermen from going out to sea.


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