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Price controls removed on 17 essentials

Gazette notification issued
Import taxes on rice reduced
Sugar, dhal, potato, milk powder among items

An Extraordinary Gazette Notification was issued yesterday removing the price control imposed on 17 essential commodities including sugar, dhal, chicken, potato and canned fish, wheat flour, green gram, big onions, chickpeas, dried fish, coconut, maize and milk powder.

Accordingly, seven Gazette Notifications previously published by the CAA pertaining to existing price controls on several food items have been revoked by the new Gazette Notification.

The new gazette came into effect from November 3.

The gazette issued on September 2, imposing price controls on white sugar and raw sugar was accordingly revoked through the new gazette.

Additionally, the Gazette Notification regarding the maximum retail price imposed on dhal, big onions and canned fish on March 17, 2020 has also been cancelled.

Two Gazette Notifications issued in March last year imposing control prices on maize and chicken were also cancelled.

The Gazette Notification issued in December 2017, declaring a maximum retail price for dried fish, coconuts and dhal, and the Gazette Notification issued in January 2017, declaring maximum retail prices for dried sprats, green gram and imported potatoes was also cancelled.

The Gazette Notification issued in July 2016 declaring the maximum retail price for chickpeas, wheat flour and imported milk powder was also rescinded.

Meanwhile, The Consumer Affairs Authority also took steps to reduce Special Commodity Levy on imported Samba, Nadu and Raw rice.

Accordingly, the import tax on rice, which previously stood at Rs. 50–Rs.60, has been reduced to 25 cents per kilogramme.

Meanwhile, a Spokesman from Sathosa said at least five items must be purchased from Sathosa outlets if anyone wants to buy rice and sugar at low prices.

“This step has been taken in order to issue rice and sugar to consumers who live in hardship without any shortage. But some large scale traders misuse this opportunity and buy rice and sugar in bulk. This is unfair and that is why we took this decision to curtail the mafia,” he added.



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