In the Desert of Love

I hurried down the sidewalk
holding my black umbrella over my head
alternately jostling and worming my way
through many a knot of people
clogging the path
haggling animatedly with the hawkers
as it drizzled misery in Pettah
on a busy Friday evening.

Remembering a shortcut to my destination
I turned back and retraced my steps,
picking my way through the same crowd
holding my black umbrella over my head.

To my dismay,
I saw you coming up
sauntering gazing ahead
more beautiful than ever
through the throng of people
crowding the sidewalk.

Seeing you seeing me seeing you
my heart billowed like a sail
in the tempest of my love
but I kept walking
as it drizzled misery in Pettah
holding my black umbrella over my head.
Turning back after a few steps
I hoped you`d turn back too,
But knew you wouldn`t.

Ours was a break-up
set in stone
that bit was all too clear to me
in the impenetrable indifference
your white lotus of a face registered.

In the drizzle of misery
all my hope dissolved
without any trace of existence.
in its stead,
a sepulchre of misery
erected itself
impervious, now I know,
even to the time’s all-healing touch.

Jayashantha Jayawardhana


Wonderstruck by love

Even during the darkest of days, she was wonderstruck by her love,
For she knew she would find him someday
His voice was as calming as the wind when the angels sing
The little buds caressed by the soft dew
Pulling the sky close and wrapping his breath in mine
I want to be your one and only!

Two hearts entangled by the heavenly bliss,
Ringing the bells of love in the autumn air
Yearning for the sweetest place in your arms,
My heart beats only for you!
Whispers of love and care
Painting the colours of our romance……..

Inside me this feeling grows,
With sun-kissed lips, letting our
love consume the night!
And when they peek into my heart,
I want them to see
That the colors of our love won’t be dimmed
As she was the ‘infinite ‘one!

Being with you feels like,
Taking a sip of eternity…….
Surrounded by a million shooting stars
Shining above our one true love!

Ravihansi Palliyaguruge


A tribute to a cricketing legend

In the cricketing garden in the world over
He was a red rose spreading fragrance all over
He was the Sri Lankan first captain in test cricket
Alas! on 18th October, he couldn’t defend his life wicket

Although his Life defence failed for a googly
His name will be in the annals in the cricketing history
This cricketing legend will last long in our memory
For his valuable service done for our country

Nalanda College was his Alma Mater
Where he baptized his cricketing carrier
Discipline he learnt there, was a sine qua nun
Amply demonstrated this, being second to none

He did a tremendous service as a commentator
In addition in the cricket council as a manager
For a period, he was the Sri Lankan cricket coach
Many a cricketer blossomed under this bough
Cricket loving fans at every nook and corner
Saddened by his departure, being a muted loner
Tears falling from our eyes for the late Bandula Warnapura
May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana

SSJ Fernando


Tribute to our soldiers...

Apart from protecting our motherland
throughout the day,
making innumerable sacrifices,
you have been rendering a great service
as partners in development.
When natural disasters are irrupted,
humanitarian missions are launched,
climbing inaccessible hills,
diving in rivers and in the sea,
digging stony ground with great effort,
so as to save the lives of the survivors,
How many of our soldiers have sacrificed?
their lives and organs during such daunting missions?
In an effort to control covid-19 epidemic,
providing facilities to quarantine the victims
and treating them kindly in every possible way,
the role you are playing
will be an unforgettable experience,
Though someone ungrateful elements
are striving to discredit you,
The great majority of Sri Lanka
will ever never forget your admirable services...

L.A.K. Somapala

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