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A peek at vintage films

GT Ketharanathan is a legend in Tamil Journalism and a film critic. After retiring from the Virakesari, he now lives in (Yaalpaanam ) Jaffna. He has been a passionate lover of Cinema. His reviews of films he had seen over the years are selective and somewhat political or social related. As he was writing for the not so familiar with art films of Tamil readership. he had a tendency to write longish pieces of retelling the storyline of the films. But as a critic, he discerned the finer points and nuances and wrote excellent reviews in readable and choicest language.

Reviews he has written since the beginning of this century are collected into a book form and published by his friends. The book is titled in Tamil as Cinema Thadam. Its priced in Lanka for 450 rupees. It may be available in some bookstall in Colombo. The author may be contacted by telephone--- 021 221 9893.

His erstwhile friends Sarinihar Sivakumar and S K Wigneswaran living abroad had regretted his worthiness is not widely known and undertook the publication printed locally.

The book has many black and white photographs of relevant films and artists.

The importance of the book and the author is given credence by the article by Prasanna Vithanage, Surgeon Constantine, Sivakumar and Wigneswaran. and Ketharanathan.

As I too am interested in films, I was enlightened by the writer’s information on the films I had missed. Kamos Pani, Lumumba Europa Europa, Amma Varunne, Veiyil, neo-realistic Italian films, Milla Soya, SAARC Film Festival 2012, Prasanna Vithanage’s films, Mahjahan, Two women in Iranian Cinema, Outgone theories of neo-realism, some short films--- fill the 1t part.

The second part is interviews given by celebrities in English translated in Tamil by GTK

.Sabika Sumar, Rose Beck, Darius Mekruji, Packman Horadi, Barzania, Sunila Abeyekera, Abba Horasmi, Dharmasena Pathiraja , M D Mahindapala, and a eulogy on the late A J Canaaratna.,

Congratulations GTK for your pioneering work.

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