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TNA to support Northern protests

Tamil National Alliance MP M. A. Sumanthiran yesterday urged the Northern and Eastern residents to support a series of protests to be held in the two provinces on October 17 and 18 demanding relief and solutions to the difficulties and problems faced by farmers and fishermen in the North and East.

Parliamentarian Sumanthiran said that all voluntary organizations in the Northern and Eastern provinces as well as political organizations will join these protests and that they will be held in compliance with quarantine rules and regulations imposed by the Government.Since the problems regarding the lack of fertilizer and the ownership of paddy fields have not been resolved and no solution has been given to the land problems in the North and East, people are engaged in protests opposite Agrarian Services Centers in the provinces and groups who have problems with fishing including encroachment by Indian fishermen have decided to protest near fisheries jetties from where they go to sea. Meanwhile, fishermen of the North who have been affected by Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters have planned to engage in a protest march along the coastal route from Mullaitivu to Point Pedro on October 17.

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