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Guidelines for school vaccination issued

The Health Ministry yesterday issued a set of guidelines on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for the 18-19 age group. As per the guidelines issued by the Director-General of Health Services Dr.Asela Gunawardane vaccination for 18-19 year age group will be implemented throughout the country as a school-based programme and the school authorities will direct the students who are sitting for the A/L exam for the first and the second attempts for the vaccination. Accordingly, any student born between October 16,2001 to October 15,2003 is eligible to get the vaccine.

All MOH offices have been advised to carry out the vaccination campaign as a school-based programme and also the Central Clinic of the MOH and base hospitals can function on Saturdays to vaccinate students who missed the school-based vaccination.

Authorities have also been advised to administer a single dose of the Nucleoside modified Pfizer (BNT) vaccine.

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