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Hand over country to a capable group - UNP

United National Party (UNP) General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara on Tuesday said that in the year 2015, the UNP obtained 42 Seats in Parliament and took the Government forward by providing concessions to the people and strengthening the economy due to the experience, management capability and international relations Ranil Wickremesinghe possessed.

He said that he requests the President to hand over the country to the leader who has the capability, knowledge and strength and arrange to rescue the people from the stress and pressure the people are facing. 

The UNP General Secretary was addressing a press conference.

Even before two years have passed since this Government came into power, they have already put the people under pressure. The farmers who supply rice to the country have had to take to the streets asking for fertilizer. Children have not had their school education for a period of two years, he said

He added that teachers are requesting the government to remove their salary anomalies. Then the Government calls them wretched people and attempt to avoid the issue. The prices of goods are climbing sky high, daily.

Range Bandara said the government has completely distanced themselves from controlling prices of goods. “The government is at a stage that they have allowed businessmen and mill owners to control prices and are watching from the sidelines. When these people were in the opposition, they questioned the use of a Government which could not control the prices of goods.”

“We saw how State Minister Arundika said that it is the officials who are increasing prices. If the Government is unable to control their officials what is the use of a Ministerial post?” he asked.

“With the increase in the price of gas, the prices of goods increase as well and with the increase in the prices of fuel once again the prices of all goods overall will increase. The income of the people as well as those of the Government employees has not been increased.

Health problems remain the same. The Government does not have a solution for any of those problems. It was possible to increase salaries of both government and private sector employees, reduce the prices of goods, increase the Mahapola Scholarship payments, provide concessions to the people, and increase the number of recruitments due to the country being ruled by a leadership in Parliament provided by an experienced person with capability in management.

He added that UNF Government strengthened the economy. The leader who did it is none other than the leader of the UNP Ranil Wickremesinghe. Minister Gammanpila says the price of fuel should be increased according to the fluctuation of prices of fuel in the world market. If so, why is it that concessions are not given when prices of fuel drop?,” he questioned.


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