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Work on Kuda Wilachchiya Tank project in progress

Work on the Kuda Wilachchiya Tank project situated in the Wilpatthu National Park underway.
Work on the Kuda Wilachchiya Tank project situated in the Wilpatthu National Park underway.

The Irrigation Department has commenced initial construction work of the historic Kudawilachchiya Reservoir situated in the Wilpattu National Park.

The tank believed to have been constructed during the Saliya Asokamala period nearly 1,900 years ago was discovered recently hidden in the thick jungle of the national park.

Chief Project Engineer Prasanna Tilakarathne told the Daily News that the Government has allocated Rs.6,000 million for the completion of the renovation project.

"We have discovered a number of ancient hydraulic engineering marvels such as RB sluice with Bisokotuwa damaged by bounty hunters, existing Rip Rap (Ralapanawa), the iconic tank spillway structure, the ruins of a pavilion, and a strategically irrigational mechanism to save the tank from breaching during floods.

"We are entrusted with the head work construction with the head work dam, spillway structure with five radial gates, sluice structure, supply canal from Kudawilachchiya tank to Sadasarana wewa which is acting as a ware storage tank outside the national park boundary and the two access roads. The main dam is an earth dam which is 2.6 km in length and with an average height of 12 metres.

The supply canal is 3.5 km long. The two access roads running from Kiralpetiyawa to the right bank of Kudawilachchiya while the other one begins from Kukulkatiyawa to the proposed spill of the reservoir. The Walantheliyawa minor tank is being rehabilitated under the supply canal project," Thilakarathne said.

He said that around 25,000 families in Mahawilachchiya area will get potable drinking water once the project is completed while the reservoir will provide irrigation water facilities to 800 acres.

The Kudawilachchiya Tank locality will provide tourists visiting the national park a place to relax and also an observation point. The Archaeology Department will preserve these historical monuments including irrigation hydraulic marvels while carrying out the renovation, rehabilitation and restoration work without causing any harm to damage to the archeological ruins in the vicinity.


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