'Undergrads can obtain COVID-19 vaccine at nearest MOH office' | Daily News

'Undergrads can obtain COVID-19 vaccine at nearest MOH office'

University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Senior Prof. Sampath Amaratunge in a Circular has informed all undergraduates attached to State Universities that they can obtain the COVID-19 vaccine at the nearest MOH office in their own residential areas.

Steps are now taken to vaccinate all undergraduates against the pandemic before the Universities are re-opened for academic activities.

"The UGC has no authority to nominate the type of vaccine that is to be given to the undergraduates at this moment. Hence, the students have to get vaccinated with the vaccine that is offered to them in their respective Districts.

After finalizing this programme of vaccinating the undergraduates, State Universities are expected to be re-opened for studies by November this year," Prof. Sampath Amaratunge revealed to the media in Kurunegala yesterday.


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