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Consumers owe Rs.28,400 mn to CEB

Electricity consumers owe Rs. 28,400 million to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) due to the relief provided by the Government during the Covid pandemic, CEB sources said.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has to recover Rs.7,000 million from those who have not paid their bills for one month, Rs. 8,600 million for from defaulters for a period of one to three months and Rs.12,800 million for more than three months.

 The CEB points out that out of the total 6.3 million household electricity consumers in the country, about 6.2 million have outstanding payments.

The CEB also said that Rs. 17,200 million is to be recovered from hotel and factory owners.

A breakdown of this amount suggests that Rs.9,300 million have to be recovered from factories, Rs. 6,800 million from shops, Rs. 1,000 million from hotels and Rs. 274 million from government agencies.

The electricity bill is prepared one month after the consumption of electricity. That time and another month will be allowed to pay the electricity bill. By taking that time and not paying the electricity bill for about two and a half months causes a number of difficulties to the CEB, a spokesman said.

“The monthly income of the CEB is Rs. 20,000 million. Losing this income in these few months is a problem.

The coal required to operate the coal power plant has to be imported during a specific period of time.

Coal ships cannot be imported during the dry season. If there is no money and coal cannot be imported on time, power generation will face a crisis,” he added.


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