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‘Kapuwa’ arrested for molesting woman

Madampe Police arrested a suspect who attempted to molest a woman who had come to his dewala (shrine) in Sembukattiya in the Chilaw Madampe Police Division to get a divine cure for her problems.

The suspect’s dewala is at one of his friend’s houses. The woman had come there accompanied by her mother.

The suspect had told the mother to go to the kitchen of the house and bring something for the ritual. In the meantime, he had tried to molest her daughter.

The suspect is a resident of Yaganwela, Dummalasuriya, a father of two. He had arrived in the village about seven months ago and had set up the dewala at the house. The residents said that he had tried to molest other women and several children in the past as well.

He was to be produced before the Chilaw District Court.

Investigations are continuing.

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